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The following instructions are for Kafka services - other protocols are almost the same. Check out the example project for complete examples.

1. Add dependencies

Add the following dependencies:

dependencies {
// Provides the documentation API
implementation 'io.github.springwolf:springwolf-kafka:1.4.0'

// Provides the UI - optional (recommended)
runtimeOnly 'io.github.springwolf:springwolf-ui:1.4.0'

Latest version: Maven Central

2. Configure properties

Add the following to your



Make sure to change the value of springwolf.docket.base-package to the package containing your listeners, so that Springwolf will automatically pick them up.

3. View the docs

Start the application and open the URLs in your browser:

If you configured a different context path in your application, make sure to prepend it to Springwolf URLs: <host>:<port>/<context-path>/springwolf/asyncapi-ui.html

4. Next steps